Services We Provide

The following is a list of our expertise and the types of projects we have completed. We pride ourselves in supplying innovative well engineered solutions. We offer project solutions but can also provide guidance and mentoring of in-house staff as well as project brainstorming.

Areas of Expertise in Control System Design

  • Derivation of plant models from first principles.
  • Classical feedback & Digital feedback control
  • Kalman Filtering
  • Adaptive control
  • Real-time embedded firmware
  • Simulation models of complex dynamic systems

Nuts & Bolts Design Experience

  • Analog hardware design & layout of sensor and actuator electronics.
  • FMEA and MTBF analysis of circuits & assemblies
  • FPGA design (PCBA & Verilog)

Example Projects Encompassing Servo design, Electrical Hardware and firmware development.

  • Nonlinear digital feedback control of a MEMS mirror.
  • Feed-forward damping of MEMS aerodynamic disturbances.
  • Adaptive vibration control of a MEMS mirror.
  • Digital feedback control of a DC Motor.
  • Closed loop digital control of a two stage voice coil actuator.
  • Fuzzy Logic control of a DC Motor.
  • Phase Locked Loop (PLL) design for a pixel scan clock.
  • Thermo-Electric Cooler (TEC)
  • MEMS mirror pointing control using a quad-cell detector.
  • Analog design of a quad-cell optical sensor including schematic capture and flex circuit layout.
  • Analog design of a MEMS mirror driver assembly including schematic capture and board layout.
  • High speed differential flex circuit design and layout.
  • Reliability Analysis of opto-electrical PCBA’s
  • Various life-test racks to demonstrate MTBF.


  • Matlab / Simulink
  • PSPICE / LTspice
  • Orcad Capture
  • PADS layout
  • R / Python
  • FEA: Salome/Elmer/Paraview