Resources (links to papers)

Fuzzy Logic Motor Control

Improving PID motor control using Fuzzy logic as compared to ad-hoc non-linear control of boundary conditions.


Vibro-Acoustic Constraints

A method to determine the optimal move-time trajectory for an arbitrary dynamic system while meeting specified acoustic constraints. ThesisĀ  for Engineer Degree from Stanford University.


MEMS Analysis

Calculate the dynamic equations of a cantilevered MEMS device.


Diffract Thin-film Coating

Calculate the Au film thickness on a MEMS mirror to meet loss requirements.


Contact us for more information on Control systems design, Electrical design, algorithm development and reliability analysis.

Other Useful Links

Atlas Compliance & Engineering

Accredited EMI/EMC testing lab, specializing in FCC, CE Mark

Riga Analytical Lab

Specializing in semiconductor & electronic device failure analysis.

Bay Area Circuits

Good source for quick-turn low cost prototypes.

Sunstone Circuits

Good source for quick-turn low cost prototypes.


A good source for Verilog reference material and design with HDL.

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