Patent List

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9,052,521  Optical component calibration system for laser-based display device

7,574,079   Exogenous tone dither rejection in optical switching
7,567,756   Method of automatic adjustment of dither amplitude of MEMS mirror arrays
7,362,930   Reduction of MEMS mirror edge diffraction in a wavelength selective switch using servo-  based rotation about multiple non-orthogonal axes
7,346,234   Reduction of MEMS mirror edge diffraction in a wavelength selective switch using servobased multi-axes rotation

7,263,253   Optimized reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer architecture with MEMS-based attenuation or power management
6,975,787   Non-linear method for micro-mirror control
6,961,506   Variable attenuation of free-space light beams
6,909,819   System and method for canceling disturbance MEMS devices
6,724,694   Disk mastering based on near-field optical systems
6,449,221  Storage media for optical storage systems
6,420,692   Zig-zag-patterned position sensor system
6,396,783   Mechanism for controlling spacing between optical head and storage medium in optical storage systems
6,243,350    Optical storage systems with flying optical heads for near-field recording and reading
6,067,204    Disc drive servo pattern insensitive to read head
5,668,680    Time optimal control of a disc drive actuator with vibro-acoustic constraints
5,182,685   Stepper motor torque variance compensation using varied applied voltage
5,079,653    Information storage disc transducer position control system using last step damping
4,739,239    Bipolar motor control
4,096,426    Non-linear error signal attenuator for servo system
4,075,667    Method and apparatus for aligning read/write heads in a disc recorder