Tremaine Consulting Group provides Engineering consulting services in Control System design, algorithm development, embedded firmware, analog electrical hardware design and Reliability analysis.

Mission Statement

Tremaine Consulting Group strives to provide excellence in Engineering design to our customers in the fields of Control system design, algorithm development and electrical hardware design, including Reliability analysis.

What We Do

Tremaine Consulting Group provides Engineering design services from concept to working prototypes. This includes system architecture, reliability analysis, servo design, electrical design, simulation, implementation and system debug.
If you have an Engineering problem, whether its a Control System, algorithm development, or electrical hardware design. We can deliver an optimal solution along with a well documented Engineering analysis.

Why hire a consultant?

There are many good reasons to hire a consultant. First, you have an urgent problem that needs a solution.

Second, your resources may be fully deployed on existing projects that can’t be disrupted.

Third, your internal design team may not have the specialized experience needed.

Fourth, a consultant can focus on the problem at hand and bring to bear unique experience for the targeted problem.